Panda K-Way Press Conference

EWT explored the fashion scene to bring out Panda K-Way's new look and showcase its new features to the lifestyle and automotive Media. The new Fiat Panda K-Way became a catwalk star ready for the show.

Before the Press Conference, an unusual backstage experience allowed 80 journalists to discover all Panda K-way’s customizable accessories. The whole show was characterised by the color combinations of Panda K-Way from the set up, to the press kit and the soft lunch.

"I know the EWT team since 2010 and I associate them to the more concrete, innovative and successful projects developed by MINI; these results were made thanks to an open vision to new trends, a meticulous attention to detail and an extra boost of creativity.Develop new ideas through collaboration with EWT agency means investing on structured organization of work, creativity able to create multiple experiences and true passion for the brand. This last point is easier if the brand is MINI ... ;-)"
Carlo Botto Poala - Marketing Manager MINI Italia

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